Arts and crafts


The magic of a figure comes from its design and the material which it is made of.

At first, they are conceived at the plotting board and refined in countless wooden designs again and again at the lathe. The basis for the workmanship of the material is caused in the choice of native wood, temperature-controlled storage and the slow process of drying. Thus, the possibilities of the natural material can be used best. The concentration on the basics can already be found in the production, for example in cutting or roughing out the wooden boards.


Finding the secret in the wood and revealing it with a good sense of distance, craftmanship and a lot of experience.

The marvellous smell of wood and the hum of the lathes and also the sound of iron in wood are in the air. Simple rollers emerge from the prefabricated square timbers. Out of it, the figures are turned – balls, trees or miscellaneous body parts for the later figures. One single inattentive movement and the piece is spoiled. Good sense of distance and craftmanship are decisive for the perfection of the finished piece. Many women work in our manufactory, probably because of their patience…

In love with the detail

Only the craftmanship of many hands make the design so touchingly beautiful and unique.

The filigree first cuts as well as choosing and assembling the turned components – that is even in the third millennium pure handicraft by concentrated working people who work with joy and passion. The grain of each component is aligned on one another consecutively. Depending on the figure, the glue-laminated bodies are getting stained, scumbled and then sanded by hand. With trained movements of the hand, fine sandpaper and patience, the basis for the later fine sanding is created. A further scumble with polish or varnish follows, which makes the gently sanded shape shining. The brand mark, that is applied in the end, reveals every small figure recognizable as originals from our manufacture.